Practicing Wholeness

Next-Stage Leadership Development


Who we are in the world  and what we do in the world are two sides of the same coin. Until recently, however, the vast majority of leadership development initiatives have focused almost entirely on the doing, rather than the being.  Adult development theory now offers a framework (sometimes called vertical development) for helping us continue to grow and develop throughout our careers and over our lifetimes. Learn more about Next-Stage Leadership Development here.  

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Practicing Wholeness

Practicing Wholeness is unique among the many paths to becoming the leaders the world so desperately needs now. The process and resources available here guide leaders and their teams through structured circle conversations around a set of 12 practices designed to help them:

  • deepen their self-awareness;
  • strengthen their relationships; and
  • expand their perspectives.

Learn more about Practicing Wholeness here

Who We Are

We are a team of four professional colleagues with decades of experience in leadership, organizational and community development. We share a belief in the urgent need for leaders and their teams in all walks of life to become more fully and completely who they are meant to be as human beings. It is a privilege to make our shared work, Practicing Wholeness, readily accessible and useable to those who share our beliefs and aspirations. Learn more about who we are and who we work with here.

Photo by Mimadeo/iStock / Getty Images
Photo by Mimadeo/iStock / Getty Images

Getting Started

Welcome. Browse these pages to learn how you can use Practicing Wholeness wherever you are:

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