Join a Practicing Wholeness Learning Community

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We are currently launching one or more Learning Communities comprised of 8-10 Practicing Wholeness facilitators who are interested in:

  • Accessing coaching and guidance in facilitating their Practicing Wholeness circle(s)
  • Creating a learning and improvement agenda for their own Practicing Wholeness circle(s) facilitation
  • Sharing tips, learning experiences, inspiration and encouragement with other Practicing Wholeness facilitators
  • Contributing feedback and improvement ideas for the Practicing Wholeness website and materials

Learning Community Benefits

Learning Community members will have no-cost access to:

  • All currently available Practicing Wholeness materials, including the Facilitator Guide and Supplemental Activities/Resources
  • All updates to Practicing Wholeness materials and resources
  • Discounts on future Practicing Wholeness products and services
  • Coaching and facilitation guidance from one or more members of the Practicing Wholeness Team

Learning Community Commitments

Participation in a Practicing Wholeness Learning Community involves:

  • An initial 30-minute (phone, Skype or Zoom) conversation to explore your interest in the Learning Community, and to frame your own learning agenda and expectations
  • A series of 6 90-minute, online circle conversations scheduled over a 1-year period of time
  • Interim coaching sessions with experienced Practicing Wholeness designers/users
  • Responding to a quarterly survey regarding your experience with Practicing Wholeness
  • Contributing to a final report on Learning Community experience and significant learnings

Learning Community Expectations

As members of a Practicing Wholeness Learning Community, we expect that you will be:

  • Available to take part in six online conversations
  • Open to sharing your own experiences, insights and learnings
  • Respectful of confidentiality agreements

How to Join a Practicing Wholeness Learning Community

To apply to join a Practicing Wholeness Learning Community, please provide the information below. You will be contacted by a member of the Practicing Wholeness Team to talk about details and answers to any questions you have.


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