David and Carole Schwinn

David and Carole's great passion throughout their shared career has been taking theory to practice in a way that is accessible to people in their lives and in their work. In their new work, they are thrilled to be able to bring the Practicing Wholeness approach to "everybody/everywhere." David and Carole are co-authors of The Transformative Workplace: Growing People, Purpose, Prosperity and Peace. Learn more about their work at

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Lisa Connors

Lisa Connors is an activist of hearts and minds, leading individuals and groups to actionable insights. The questions "What matters most?" and "What's next?" are at the center of all of her work. Lisa is a designer, facilitator, artist, and writer who combines these gifts in compelling ways for her clients including Bosch, Ford, United Way, and Trinity Health. Learn more about Lisa and her work at


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Peter Norlin

Throughout a 30-year career as a consultant-coach, Peter Norlin has had a clear, ongoing commitment:  helping people integrate and use the resources they’ve accumulated in their inner lives to meet the outer challenges of work and leadership.  Relentlessly  curious about how we can survive and thrive as a global community, he is currently betting on the power and practice of “wholeness.” Learn more about Peter and his work at